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Thinking it could be of interest for some of you, I've translated my "recipe" in English… well, tried to !  I request your indulgence in advance for the translation  :o)

Textured mokume gane:
For the front side, I'm using a mokume gane made of translucent mixed with small shavings of plain polymer clay or alcohol-based inks, metal sheet, and some metallic powder such as pearl-ex sometimes.
I'm covering a sheet of plain polymer clay (which will become the back side) with thin mokume slices, and gently smooth the surface.
Front and back sides are textured with stamps or texture plates.
The shapes are cut out (leafs, butterflies etc…) and 3D formed. Modelling it in 3D is important in my opinion, to give a lively aspect to the small piece of clay.
Then I poke the holes and bake.
When cool, I smear my clay pieces with a contrasting acrylic painting, let it dry and sand. The colour remains only in the marks. It can be nice to take another lighter or different acrylic colour, and do it again in certain places, to add volume effect. You can choose different colours for the front and the back sides etc…
At the end, put some light touches of white acrylic, talking care not to cover completely the previous acrylic colour(s) of course, just to for a final antique touch.

Finally sand and polish, and varnish too if you like a glossy finish.

Have fun!

front_side  detail  back_side broche

Pas de panique les Francophones, c'est juste la traduction du message "recette" ici : http://madeinsassenage.canalblog.com/archives/2007/04/18/4665002.html